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Mayor Korpus Catches Universal Flak for Letter to Editor, Doubles Down Anyway

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After penning a letter to the editor in the Lamorinda Weekly endorsing three Town Council candidates, accusing another of being a trojan horse and of long-term drug use, and then summarily dismissing a fifth, Mayor Kymberleigh Korpus came under fire from residents who immediately took part in a robust Nextdoor discussion (click here) and who wrote in and spoke during Wednesday's council meeting to register their disappointment and anger.

In addition to objecting to the content of the letter itself, which many residents felt was an inappropriate, ad hominem attack, the letter stood out for its negative tone in a paper whose widely understood policy was not to publish negative letters at all.

Residents also objected to Korpus signing the letter as "Kymberleigh Korpus, Mayor of Moraga," in an apparent attempt to lend it more gravitas and giving the impression the letter represented the town's or town council's official position.

Half a dozen residents commented during the council meeting and an undisclosed number of others sent letters, chiding the Mayor and her letter as, among other things, "beyond inappropriate" and a "vicious personal attack, unseemly, and abuse of power." One resident noted the bitter irony of Korpus' letter directly violating written protocols that were created as a direct result of one of her endorsee's (Teresa Onoda's) backroom, unauthorized deals when she last was on the town council.

Korpus' response? The opposite of what residents were expecting and demanding (i.e., contrition or at the very least an apology for her abuse-of-title and direct violation of written council protocols). Instead, resident concern was met with Korpus essentially doubling down on it all, stating "if anybody wants to talk to me about it, I'm happy to talk to them about the evidence and facts that I relied upon."

Ultimately, the council agreed to agendize a discussion regarding the breach of council protocols and proper use of official titles at a future meeting.

More to Come

There's more to this story than meets the eye, however (as we teased in our original article). Our next article will get into that. Meantime, be sure and go to our Election 2020 page for information on all the town council candidates and our impressions of each.

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