SMARTMoraga is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting accountable, cost-effective and efficient government.  


We believe local governance should reflect Sensible Management And Responsible Taxation (hence the SMART moniker).

We began in 2017 as a group of concerned Moraga residents who came together out of concern for the direction and governance of our Town, which was straying farther and farther away from efficiently and effectively managing our affairs.  Our group consists of a steering committee, an editorial board, a broader "core" group, and its general members.  Among others, the steering committee members include Scott Bowhay, Therese Meuel, Brent Meyers and Cathy Reaves.

We are a source of varied opinions and information which - with all the responsibilities dictated by modern society - otherwise might be overlooked or ignored. Please join us in addressing these concerns and arriving at solutions to put Moraga back on the right track.