On noise limits and concerns at the Hacienda: Neither Lafayette nor Orinda have outdoor event venues or detailed, specific or applicable noise ordinances

FALSE. Both have detailed noise regulations; Orinda's specifically calls out amplified sound and outdoor events. Click here for the story.

"We are at the end of the life of all of our storm drain systems."

FALSE. The 2015 Master Storm Drain Study says the "condition of the storm drain system in Moraga is very good." Click here for the article.

The Town Council Chambers cost $1,177,800 to acquire and renovate.

FALSE. The total cost nears $2,400,000. The town's answer omits the cost of purchasing the real estate itself for approximately $1.2MM. Article here.

"The revenue enhancement committee determined the town does not have a spending problem."

FALSE. The committee report specifically indicates it did not analyze spending. At all. Click here for article.

"Roundabouts are grant funded."

FALSE. Over $200,000 of town money has been spent on roundabout studies." Story here.

"We're actually saving money with interim employees because we don't have to pay benefits or CalPERS retirement."

FALSE. The hourly rates being paid to interim employees include benefits and CalPERS retirement costs. Article here.

"Check the town website for the real facts."

FALSE. 0-for-5 on our initial fact check series speaks for itself, no? Article here.

The town needs another $155,000/year in taxes for EPA clean water compliance, in addition to $250,000/year it already receives.

FALSE. The town only spends 10%-25% of existing EPA clean water money on its intended purpose. Article here.

Each quote below comes straight from Town Hall - either from documents or spoken words.

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