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Our Recommendations on Critical Moraga Races

Most important includes emphatic NO on Onoda

We've rendered a specific yes/no recommendation (along with impressions and observations) only if a candidate has a voting record upon which we could reliably assess fiscal responsibility and good governance.


We've provided our impressions and observations for candidates who didn't have one.

Summary below, and loads of candidate-specific detail farther down the page (click here to jump to that)

In addition to our Council and MOFD recommendations:

We recommend a NO vote on Contra Costa County Measure X that will raise sales taxes. Virtually every economist agrees that raising sales taxes (a regressive tax) during a recession is a bad idea. Measure X is presented as a "general tax" and thus requires only a 50% threshold to pass, and has no restrictions on how the money is spent irrespective of campaign related promises. Interestingly, the county needed special legislation passed in Sacramento to even float the measure - state law otherwise limits local/county taxes from exceeding 2% on top of state sales tax levies.

How we did it: We conducted over 10 meetings with Town Council candidates (generally two rounds apiece with two different sets of SMARTMoraga folks), along with reviewing their Moraga Citizens Network answers (video here), their websites and their candidate statements.

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