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SMARTrecommends: Woehleke and McCluer for Town Council

Twelve years of infrastructure neglect and spending on wants vs. needs landed the town in a fiscal emergency just over a year ago.

Mayor Trotter conducts meetings outside the public eye, spending tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees without authorization; he oversees subcommittees that contravene the specific instructions of the town council. He dismisses public input and characterizes a "no" vote on storm drains as being the result of uninformed voters. He is absent on NextDoor where the other candidates have engaged with citizens. He thinks a community gym is a great idea while simultaneously pushing for road and storm drain taxes.

It's time for a change at town hall:

We recommend Steve Woehleke and Mike McCluer

to effect that change, bringing with them decision-making capability, financial acumen, a commitment to transparency, and a demonstrated willingness to listen to residents.

Recommend: McCluer

Do Not Recommend: Trotter


See our full assessment of the town council candidates and other key Moraga election decisions on our Election 2018 page here.


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