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Breaking: Permanent Canyon Road Bridge Now 3x Original Estimate

The permanent Canyon Road Bridge, which was supposed to be completed in 2016 at a cost of $3.1MM, is now estimated to cost $9,154,625.

This information became available via documents associated with a quietly-scheduled special meeting scheduled for this afternoon.

Cost Estimates Continue to Increase Repeatedly and Significantly

This is at least the third significant increase in costs during just the past few months - on a bridge that should have been completed years ago:

The original cost of the permanent bridge has ballooned from the orginal $3.1MM, to $4.9MM to $7.2MM (as recently as June 2018) to the now-estimated $9.1MM.

Town Hasn't Explored Alternatives or Revisted Decision-Making, Despite Expert Suggestions

Numerous residents who are professional engineers have long-questioned the town's and Public Works' approach to this project and have recommended alternative design approaches that would be more appropriate and/or cost effective. The town has not done so, earlier dismissing resident concerns. Perhaps now that the project is three times its original estimated cost, they ought to revisit alternatives as many residents have suggested.

More In A Series of Public Works Debacles

Public Works' record on recent projects is not good. The town council must address its missed deadlines and budgets.

  • The temporary Canyon Bridge was over budget by 60% ($3.2MM vs $2.0MM)

  • The planned daylighting of a storm drain at the Hacienda is estimated to exceed third-party engineering estimates by 2x ($1.5MM vs $730k) based on 40% contingencies and nice-to-have, elective choices being made by Public Works

  • Legal fees for the failed storm drain initiative were over budget by 260% ($72k vs $20k)



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