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Council Subcommittee Contravenes Specific Direction of Town Council

A Hacienda subcommittee consisting of Mayor Trotter and Vice Mayor Onoda has spent five months operating in contravention of specific direction of the town council.


In October 2017, the committee was specifically instructed in a public council meeting to develop and return to council with a workplan and proposed RFP for potential restaurant operators at the Hacienda.

One would presume that the Mayor's and Vice Mayor's active involvement would ensure it did just that. That is not the case.

Instead, the Mayor/Vice Mayor subcommittee unilaterally decided that a private restaurant is the most appropriate use of the Hacienda public asset, and then selected and was negotiating a lease agreement with a specific restaurant.

The item was to have been discussed and voted on in a closed session on April 10, until news of this behind-the-scenes decision (the seventh in as many months, see article here) became public and the discussion was scrubbed. A public, open meeting will take place on Tuesday night at 6pm.

Councilwomen Fritzky (who refused to attend the session in protest) and Korpus apparently led the charge in the public interest.

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