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Sharing Some Good Local Election Resources

In addition to our Election 2020 page (here) we thought we'd share some additional resources with you, including "special events" the candidates have made us aware of (like individual or group Zoom meetings), along with some other third-party sources of information.

Our Summary Recommendations

Click here for detailed info

Candidate Special Events and Unique Communication Offers [in alphabetical order]

Kendall Langan - website link Conducting regular Zoom "town halls"

Offering 1:1 Zoom discussions Renata Sos - website link Offering 1:1 Zoom discussions David Stromberg - website link Offering 1:1 Zoom discussions Neither Teresa Onoda nor Ursula Schilling responded to our request for information on special events or offers.

Other Local and State Election Resources

  • Moraga Citizens Network Candidates' Night Zoom Event - click here for playback

  • League of Women Voters Acalanes Union High School District Candidates' Forum - click here

  • Voters Edge contains excellent Proposition summaries - click here

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