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A Letter from YOU: It's Time for Change at Town Hall

We've been receiving a lot of emails and inquiries about the upcoming election.

Thank you to several of our readers who put together and sent us the following letter. If you're interested in a copy to share or distribute, we've provided a downloadable link at the bottom of the page.


It’s TIME for a CHANGE!

Please DO NOT vote to re-elect David Trotter to the Moraga Town Council. As Mayor he has become “way too comfortable” in his position, and taken liberties inappropriate for our small town. Fellow Council Members even resorted to publicly protest, on the record, that Trotter has far overstepped his authority.

Here are a few reasons we oppose Dave Trotter in his quest for an unprecedented fourth term:

1. Without permission, Trotter ran up over $35,000 in unauthorized legal fees while secretly negotiating behind closed doors, a “deal to save the Rheem Theater”. The agreement gave the owner over $2 million worth of development entitlements that will fast-track building a 4-story high-density apartment complex, setting a dangerous development precedent for the Town.

2. He ignored the Town Council’s specific direction to pursue an open competitive review to select a restaurant operator for the Hacienda. Instead, he and his hand-picked subcommittee settled on one favored restaurant to pursue, opening negotiations costing an additional $10,000 in unauthorized legal fees. That money was wasted, when La Finestra instead decided to open in the old Terzetto site.

3. Trotter inserted a pro-Storm Drain Tax litmus test into the selection of Jeanette Fritzky’s town council replacement, failing to acknowledge the resident’s vote to reject that tax. Trotter’s website promises he will again ignore the public’s wishes, and will pursue another tax.

4. Trotter has had several other transgressions, including a willful disregard of clear public opinion, such as the Moraga Town Center Homes Project (now being built next to the Fire Department). Not only did he vote FOR the project, he voted to quash the referendum to put the development on the ballot. And, he continues to support the building of a Community Gym that the Town just can’t afford!

Let’s bring some new perspective to our Town Council. Please vote for Steve Woehleke and Mike McCluer.


If you'd like a copy of this to share/distribute, click here

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