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Breaking: Town Council Adds Closed Session to Purported "Open Discussion" on Hacienda Rest

[News24-680 has picked up on this topic here]

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Newcomers to how the town chooses to conduct its business may have succumbed to false optimism over the weekend after the town relented on a closed session, done-deal lease agreement with a restaurant operator at the Hacienda. The earlier closed session met with public outcry, primarily because a subcommittee consisting of Mayor Trotter and Vice Mayor Onoda directly contravened specific direction from the full council (story here).

Now, with just 24 hours notice, the council will hold a public meeting to purportedly discuss the fundamental issues that were completely ignored by the subcommittee and then will convene in closed session to negotiate the lease.

The term "charade" comes to mind. By our count, this will be foregone decision #8 made outside of the public eye in the past 6 months.

Whether or not leasing a portion of a public park to a private operator is a good idea (an unanswered question) - or the type of operator and terms are favorable (also unanswered) - the apparent intent to proceed unabated represents a carte blanche endorsement of subcommittees' continued, unchecked behavior outside of the public eye and the council's intentional ceding of its authority and associated abdication of its responsibility.



24 hr Revised Agenda item: here

News24-680 has picked up on this topic here

NextDoor discussion on this topic happening here

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