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Storm Drain Tax / Fee Ballot Likely Proceeding Tonight

At tonight's town council meeting (7:00 pm), the council likely will proceed with official balloting on the storm drain tax. Official ballots will hit the mail within the next two weeks.

The first step in the process ("protest period") ending this evening requires 50% of property owners to proactively send letters to object in order to stop the actual ballot process. Silence = consent in the off-cycle, 50% approval tax structure the town has chosen, which also ensnares schools and churches.

Fifty-percent proactive, written protests is a tall order, especially when our informal polling suggests a significant number of residents didn't read or "round filed" the five-page, all-text Notice sent by the town a few weeks ago.

Nonetheless, if you're still interested in protesting or voicing your opinion, you can do so at the council meeting or drop off a protest letter at town hall (sample/template here).

We'll have more to report tomorrow, after they make their final decision.


Comprehensive information and analysis is available on our Storm Drain Central page


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