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NO on Moraga Storm Drain Fee Sign

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Schools Hit Hard Under Proposed Storm Drain Tax - $37,000/year

February 5, 2018


Town intends to tax what is arguably its best and most cherished asset; residents faced with paradox of taxing something their taxes are paying for.



Kept relatively quiet by the town council and advocates of the proposed storm drain tax is that schools (and churches) will be subject to the town's sticky fingers to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars per year.


The proposed tax scheme the town has selected (which requires only a 50% vote and can be conducted outside a normal election cycle) does not allow for exemptions of any sort.


Moraga tax-funded schools (MSD schools and Campo) will be taxed approximately $37,000/year.


Some residents on NextDoor keyed in on this "taxing our tax-supported schools" defect and are none too pleased, one emailing us and stating:


"It's unfortunate the town hasn't managed to set aside or budget for infrastructure improvements over the last decade or more, instead spending money on other non-essential items. Now, town hall wants us to tax ourselves and eat our young to make up for the lost time and opportunity."


Residents also observed - correctly - that the $37,000 in proposed new taxes levied against the schools cannot be replaced by additional MEF donations, even assuming residents could afford the additional contributions that would be needed.  This is because of legal requirements that the money will have to come from school district general operating funds that cannot be replaced by community contributions.


Not happy about it or want to object? 

1. Click the "Sample Objection Letter" button below

AND (since the town will probably proceed anyway)

2. Vote NO when the ballot arrives in the mail during latter half of March.


Here are some links to recent or active NextDoor discussions on the topic:

Click PDF for letter template
Flyer to share + protest letter

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