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New Mayor Trotter Flip-Flops on Taxes Right Out of the Gate, Will Cost Taxpayers $175,000 for Specia

Despite his earlier commitment not to support an expensive special ballot for the storm drain tax initiative and a stated desire to maximize citizen participation and voter turnout, Mayor Trotter rapidly changed course after taking the gavel from former Mayor Onoda.

In just his second meeting as Mayor and in a complete flip flop from his earlier and deliberate "for the record" comments, Trotter actively encourages unanimous support for the Town's proposed storm drain tax on a special mail in ballot.

Here's a video compilation of his key comments. On August 8, 2017 he states he opposes a special ballot...then, on January 24, 2018, he actively encourages it, seeks unanimous support of his fellow councilmembers, and is delighted that the special ballot will move forward:

The special ballot will precede primary and general elections by only a couple of months, and (according to staff and consultants) will cost Moragans $175,000 to conduct.

There is good NextDoor discussion here and here on the tax initiative, including some residents opining the special ballot is the town's method of increasing chances of passage by avoiding competition with other possible tax measures and avoiding having a tax measure next to councilmembers' names who will be running for re-election in November. One such councilmember includes Mr. Trotter.

If you object to the new proposed tax, we have a template protest letter and a brief overview here.

[this article was updated to reflect current cost figures]

Links to original videos:

August 8, 2017 council meeting here (see 1:55:00 on)

January 24, 2018 council meeting here (see 2:37:00 and 2:42:00 on)

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