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Council Backdoors Tax Increase

In February 2017, the Town Council unanimously endorsed SB1 and AB1, ostensibly providing Moraga with the benefit of receiving over $500,000 in additional state funds to repair local roadways.

Why is this a bad thing? Because the money has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is your wallet:

Omitted from the Town's press release - which makes it sound as if the money is a reallocation or reprioritization of state funds - was that the source of these funds is from additional gas and vehicle (DMV) tax increases (12 to 20 cents additional per gallon; $25-$175 in additional registration fees per vehicle). This equates to approximately $400 in additional annual taxes for the typical Moraga household.

The unanimous endorsement was relegated to a consent agenda item, thus receiving no public discussion.

In other words, five councilmembers alone decided to endorse a $400 per household tax increase on 6,000 households without even asking the residents.

press release here: link

truth here: link

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