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Council Should Wait; Rushed Decisions Often Aren't the Best Decisions

Our brief articles on tonight's Town Council consideration to appoint an Interim Town Manager and to move forward with the Storm Drain Tax has struck a nerve with readers.

Consensus is - and we agree - that insufficient time and effort have been spent discussing these crucial matters with the public, let alone receiving and acting on public input. A few days' notice simply is not sufficient for proper discourse (assuming proper discourse is desired).

Some information sent to us from readers on the interim Town Manager, which punctuate the need to wait for discussion/feedback with residents, include:

Modesto Bee article: here

Local Modesto newsblog: here

360 peer and subordinate review: here

Information on the storm drain tax is in our previously published articles here and here.

There's also a discussion worth joining over on NextDoor here.

While some, including the Town Council, may feel an urgency to put these items to rest, the greatest imperative is to take the time to do so intelligently.


Want to tell the Town Council you'd like more notice & input or they ought to take a little time to think these things through?

Click/hold the magic link below to email all of them.


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