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Will Town Finally Address Hacienda Noise? Neighborhood Meet 11/30 to Find Out.

For well over a year, neighbors of the Hacienda have complained - with futility - about consistent Hacienda noise issues associated with weddings and other events. The Town's efforts to mitigate the issue have been sparse, more often ignoring it entirely than attempting to address it. We've run a number of stories (here and here, for example) along with a Fact Check that the Town failed (see here).

The Town has offered a variety of excuses for the unabated issue, which in many ways finds its roots in the misrepresentation of neighboring-city noise ordinances (that staff claimed don't exist, while they actually do), refusing to pursue a Moraga-based noise ordinance with teeth, and what has been a fairly deliberate internal effort to dismiss or minimize neighbor complaints (and in one instance reportedly accusing neighbors of being "racist" for complaining).

Nonetheless, the constant flow of complaints - which since April 2022 include nearly 2 dozen calls to Police - seems to have resulted in the Town and Wedgewood finally holding a community meeting to discuss the issue and efforts to abate.

That meeting is scheduled for November 30 at 6pm in the Fireside Room. It includes food and beverages, in case you need more motivation to go beyond just seeking reasonable levels of activity and noise (and a responsive local government).

It's unfortunate - though unsurprising - that this meeting comes only after Town Councilmembers repeatedly have pressed for action after the Town Manager and her staff have chosen for months to not adequately address the issue.

Readers may be interested in a letter the Town Manager sent to Wedgewood (linked below) along with the invitation to neighbors for the community meeting.

You might also be interested in the current community survey seeking input on characteristics the new Town Manager should have, which one hopes will include being more responsive to resident needs and feedback (see story here).

November 10, 2022 Letter to Wedgewood
Download PDF • 506KB

Hacienda Neighborhood Meeting Invite 11-30-22
Download PDF • 142KB


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