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Town Cited Six Times for Fire Abatement Violations

According to public records from the Moraga-Orinda Fire District, the Town of Moraga itself was

cited six times for fire abatement violations on Town-owned properties.

Town Failed to Comply with Universal Deadline, Subsequent Courtesy Notice

The citations were issued after the Town failed to comply with the universally-applicable abatement deadline of May 15 and again failed to respond to "pre-citation" courtesy notices the fire district issued in July after the May deadline had long since passed.

Violations on the six Town-owned properties included failures to provide required fuel breaks, ladder fuel mitigation and hazard clearance from adjacent properties.

Town properties in violation include:

  • The Hacienda

  • Mulholland Ridge (two parcels)

  • Areas near the intersection of Rheem Blvd and St Mary's Rd

  • Moraga Rd adjacent to the Commons and opposite Corliss Dr

  • Areas on St Mary's Rd adjacent to the Lafayette-Moraga trail from Moraga Rd to Rheem Bl

Willful Noncompliance Follows Town's Review and Approval of Updated Fire Code

Beyond setting a poor example for its property owners and residents who also are subject to the fire code and generally comply with abatement deadlines, the citations reflect noncompliance with longstanding abatement requirements and, worse, come on the heels of the Town Council's public discussion and approval of a revised fire code and abatement requirements just months earlier.

Everyone in town is aware of these longstanding requirements and are reminded of them annually through MOFD mailers and other public communications; the Town in particular was doubly aware of them since they were highlighted during more than one of their own public meetings on the fire code updates earlier this year.


The citations are attached below if you're interested.

11.22.2021 Cases (multiple) Citations Issued Town of Moraga
Download PDF • 436KB

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