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2022 Local Elections Take Shape

We'll be following the Moraga Town Council election closely and - to a more limited extent - the Moraga Orinda Fire District election.

The Moraga Town Council election isn't as active as the 2000 election, with just two candidates vying for two, four-year seats (and thus, those two automatically will be elected/appointed) and two other candidates vying for one, two-year seat (the remaining term for the seat left vacant by David Stromberg and for the past year held by Sona Makker, who is not running for re-election).

For the two, four-year seats: Mayor Steve Woehleke (incumbent) and Planning Commission Chairman Kerry Hillis will take the seats

For the single, two-year seats: David Shapiro and Kendall Langan will compete in the November election

For the Moraga Orinda Fire District, three of the five seats are up for election with two candidates in each division. It appears - as was the case last election - that one union-backed candidate and one independent candidate are competing in each division. More on this in a follow-up article; readers will recall the concerns we raised last election regarding potential conflicts of interest for union-backed Directors (see one of our articles here), and those concerns manifest themselves when one director suggested exploring a MOFD dissolution and merger with Contra Costa County Fire (articles here, here, and here).

MOFD Division 1: Greg Hasler vs Christopher Young

MOFD Division 3: Vince Dell'Aquila vs Steve Danziger (incumbent)

MOFD Division 4: Mike Roemer vs Michael Donner (incumbent)

You may wish to check the Moraga-Orinda Citizens for Fire Safety ( for further information and potential endorsements.

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