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Council Calls Special Meeting to Discuss Mayoral Chaos, Fallout

The Moraga Town Council has called a special meeting for Wednesday, January 5 at 600pm to discuss (and perhaps resolve in whole or in part) the chaos and discord that has ensued since three of its members ignored a decades-long tradition, elbowing aside former Vice Mayor Steve Woehleke and instead electing Renata Sos as Mayor and freshman councilmember Sona Makker as Vice Mayor.

Our stories on those events are here and here.

Readers who'd like to provide the Council with their input on its manner of selecting the Mayor and/or suggestions for resolution can "Zoom" into the meeting (link here) or send an email to the entire Town Council by clicking here (email link is 3/4 of the way down the page).


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New Nextdoor thread: here


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