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Sos, Stromberg, Onoda Headed for Victory in Town Council Race; Jex Headed for Another MOFD Term

At the close of business (midnight) on election day, Moraga Town Council Incumbent Renata Sos and candidates David Stromberg and Teresa Onoda appear headed toward victory in the town council race for three open seats. Kendall Langan and Ursula Schilling are in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

At the close of business Tuesday night, 6834 ballots were counted of 11657 eligible Moraga voters (59%). We expect turnout will exceed 70% and potentially even 80%, meaning another 2500 or more ballots have yet to be counted.

In the MOFD Division 2 Director race, incumbent John Jex was headed to victory over challenger Nathan Smith 55% to 45%.

The county elections department will release updated tallies on Friday, although the margins in the race are such that results are likely to remain the same after additional votes are counted, particularly because trailing ballots historically have tended to follow the same pattern as the initial returns. We'll update if for some reason that isn't the case this go-round.

Congratulations to the winners, and a hearty "THANK YOU" to each candidate for volunteering to serve the Town!

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