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Amended Storm Drain Study - Town Needs Less Than 11% of What They Asked for on Tax Ballot

Hey, been awhile! We're still here, just quiet in the relative absence of anything truly and consistently objectionable coming from Town Hall.

Nonetheless, here's an update you'll find of interest:

The Town just updated/amended its Storm Drain Master Plan.

You may recall that thankfully-defeated Storm Drain Tax from last year, when the Town pulled out all the stops and got ugly with crafting and pitching a $9 million plan for residents to fund.

SMARTMoraga pointed out numerous defects in the assumptions, the plan and the approach - along with the nefarious tactics the Town chose to employ to pitch the tax to voters at a cost of about $200,000 (mostly attorney and consulting fees trying to get it passed).

The amended storm drain plan now reveals that the Town does not need $9 million for "high priority" storm drain work as we were told 18 months ago. It needs $1 million for high and moderate priority work.

Read that again: the town doesn't need $9 million for high priority work; it needs $1 million for high and moderate priority work. Less than 11% of what residents were told/threatened just over a year ago.

Could you imagine if we had believed the storytelling and passed a tax that was over 9 times larger than necessary?

Our email box is open in the event the originators and supporters of that now-totally-debunked plan would like to say they're sorry.


Link to the amended study by clicking here

If you want to re-live the excitement of the storm drain tax, a link to our Storm Drain Central page is available by clicking here

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