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Proposed Storm Drain Tax Bloated With 54% Padding, Redundant Taxes, Contingencies

The town's proposed storm drain tax contains over 54% in padding, double-dipping, and contingencies.

Here's the math:

  • The town seeks $9,059,400 for high priority storm drain items

  • $1,748,500 will be covered by known developer impact fees, except Palos Colorados, which is exempt (see note below and this article)

  • The net tax to residents is $7,310,900, or $800,000 per year under the town's plan

Here's the bloat (click to zoom):

  1. EPA clean water compliance of $155,000 that doesn't even require or use existing $250,000 in tax collections: 20% This item wasn't important enough for the town engineer to include in the proposed tax and is already funded through existing taxes of $250k/year, but nothing substantive is done and very little is spent on storm drain related activity

  2. Grants already collected and in the bank: 6% Ignores grant funding of $400k already in the bank, but town still intends to collect full amount of $1.1MM from taxpayers

  3. Grants being sought but still intending to collect from taxpayers: 8% Seeking another $600k grant, but still intends to collect full amount of $1.1MM from taxpayers

  4. 30%-40% contingencies built in 15% Town's consultant acknowledged they're "hefty" and will "go down as you get your budget correct" (see video of 2/12 330p community mtg Q&A)

  5. Palos Colorados not contributing: 5% premium town sending $500k-$1MM of what otherwise should be developer impact fees to general fund results in a 5% premium for the rest of us, forever


= Total Bloat & Redundant Taxes: 54%



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