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Town Decides PG&E Out, MCE In As Your Electricity Provider; You Are In Unless You Opt Out

In case you didn't read a recent letter from the Town of Moraga and MCE Clean Energy, your electricity provider is about to change from PG&E to MCE.  You are automatically in unless you opt out.

MCE will become all residents' default electricity provider, following a year-long effort by the planning department and the town council as part of its climate action plan.

Existing PG&E customers will be switched to MCE unless they proactively opt out.

MCE is a quasi-governmental agency (Joint Powers Authority) started a few years ago by municipal employees and officials in Marin.  Mayor Trotter will sit on their board of directors as a result of Moraga's decision to enroll its residents, who will automatically switch from PG&E to MCE. If you don’t want to switch you must opt out

A number of Moraga residents (primarily those with solar panels) have determined that MCE will cost them more money and are opting out.  Others have expressed confusion and concern over the automatic enrollment and MCE's business model in general. 

We're focused on the fiscal emergency, honesty and accuracy from town hall, and the storm drain tax at the moment, so won't be deep diving into the MCE event. 

However, there is a robust NextDoor discussion happening here.

Among the items being discussed:

  • Why are we being opted in automatically?

  • Why is the town deciding for all of us who our energy provider should be?

  • How is another governmental agency better than PG&E for power procurement?

  • Is MCE regulated the same as PG&E?

  • Is this really "greener" or is it just greenwashing?

  • Are MCE's estimated costs inaccurate for residents with solar?

  • Why did/is the town spending time and money on this?

  • Does Mayor Trotter’s seat on the MCE Board provide Moraga with sufficient authority?

  • What are the risks if the town eventually changes its mind and doesn’t want to participate in the future?

  • Why does an electricity broker need the power of eminent domain over Moraga?

Info on town’s website here: 

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