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Mayor Alludes to Circumventing Prop 218 Rules

Responding to resident opposition to taxing schools during part of the town's proposed storm drain tax using the arcane and confusing Proposition 218 process, Mayor Trotter alludes to a plan that would circumvent the law that several of our alert readers have characterized as "inappropriate," "scandalous," and "working the system."

Here's the video:

Proposition 218 requires all property owners to pay the proposed storm drain tax and specifically prohibits any exceptions or exemptions. Public schools, private schools and churches must pay (see here).

Trotter mentions a "dialogue" with the school district to explore "accommodations" that would balance out what it would pay in storm drain taxes. Any such accommodation would circumvent Proposition 218 via horse trading, would favor one property owner over another, and is illegal.

Of course, it's entirely possible Mayor Trotter is unaware this proposed course of action is illegal, or perhaps he and the town don't really intend to pursue it. In the latter case, the explanation is essentially empty promises designed to quiet the objection to taxing public schools.

Town officials ought not be seeking ways either to circumvent the letter and spirit of the law or to misrepresent reality in order to encourage citizens and property owners to pass a new tax under false pretenses.

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