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Grandma SMARTie Always Said "It's Easier to Remember the Truth"

The Town's most recent About Town had no fewer than three references to finances (audit, Canyon Bridge, Sinkhole) and for the first time in memory, clearly acknowledged that federal reimbursements are forthcoming.

Previously, that fact was omitted or downplayed, leaving residents to believe that Moraga would forever be out of pocket $6 million and ignoring the 88% reimbursement for those expenses. These events are the pretext for the declaration of fiscal emergency and associated storm drain tax, after all.


Why the change in messaging?

  • The outcry from residents about transparency?

  • Trying something new to see if it sticks?

  • Assemblywoman Baker's email to residents about working with Senator Glazer to secure reimbursements?

  • The recent audit highlighting that the Town failed to properly account for these pending reimbursements on the books? (more on this in another article)


The Town now says that money may be needed between now and when the reimbursements are received. Perhaps it will. Perhaps not. Our immediate thought: "why a permanent tax on residents instead of a short-term financial instrument if and when it is actually needed?"

Changing stories and information often indicate ulterior motives. See our FUD articles here and here for more on that tax raising strategy.

Wondering why we're skeptical? Peek at our Fact Check series here (desktop) or here (mobile)

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