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Fact Check: $pending Problems (3 of 5 in a series)

The Town has said on more than one occasion it doesn't believe it has a spending problem, but instead has a revenue problem.

A Town press release on the declaration of fiscal emergency and the Town Manager's answer to specific resident questions reference a 2009 Revenue Enhancement Committee report and assert this "comprehensive study" determined that "Moraga doesn't have a spending problem, it has a revenue problem."

Not so fast.

  • The executive summary of the report specifically acknowledges the committee's charter is revenue only, and

  • The report states "The Town Council did not ask the Committee to analyze expenditures," and

  • BOOM...


The report states

“The Committee did not expend

any effort analyzing expenditures”

other than to understand the relationship of needs to resources


Since we're looking back about eight years, here are a few other facts of what has occurred since 2010:

  • Property Tax revenue has increased approximately 30%

  • Sales Tax revenue has increased approximately 100%

  • Population has increased about 5%


Concerned about the lack accuracy and honesty

coming from Town Hall?

Click the magic link below to email all your Councilmembers:


Links to the facts:

Town's press release here

Town's Fiscal Emergency Q&A here

Committee report (see pages 2, 9, 11) here

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