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Fact Check: Storm Drains (1 of 5 in a series)

We've heard on more than one occasion that our storm drains are at their end-of-life. Are they?

  • During the Town Council Meeting on November 11, 2017, the Town Engineer emphatically stated “We are at the end of the life of all of our storm drain systems."

  • Shortly thereafter at the sinkhole opening ceremonies on November 15, the Town Engineer was quoted by the East Bay Times, stating "These are indicators our storm drain system is at the end of its life."

These statements conflict with the Town's official Storm Drain Master Plan.

That document says “The overall condition of the storm drain system in Moraga is very good. The majority of pipes and structures inspected by V&A were in excellent or good condition. Less than 15% of the features inspected were prioritized as a 4 or 5 (poor or immediate attention).”

Why the discrepancy?


Click the magic link below to email your councilmembers and ask (or express your opinion about conflicting "facts"):



The Town Engineer's council meeting comments are here at 2:43:00

The East Bay Times story and quote is here

The Master Storm Drain Plan/Study is here (see p 5-8, section 5.6)

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