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Thank You for a Great First Month: 1,750 Visit SMARTMoraga

Thanks to the community for its support of, well, the community!

It's our one month anniversary, and clearly we've hit on something. Here are some stats from the webmistress on our inaugural 30 days:

First Month Stats 1750 Visitors 4900 Articles Read

We have about a dozen planned articles for the coming weeks, and are open to ideas and guest pieces.

Please continue spreading the word!

How You Can Help:

  • Subscribe if you haven't already done so; forward the newsletter along if you have

  • Follow Us on Twitter and Facebook links at the top of each page or bottom of each article

  • Contact us with article ideas, offers to write a guest piece (anonymous or named - up to you) or to help with outreach or research

  • Donate to help offset our technology and operating costs

  • Discuss our articles and analysis over on NextDoor and/or let people know about them over there

  • Share the website or articles via email (see below for magic link)

  • Write (see below for magic link) the Town Council with your thoughts

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