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FUD In Action! Town Officials Can't Help Themselves: Using Fear to Get Funds

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. That's FUD.

We called it! Yesterday morning, we published our article on the Town's FUD approach to tax increases.

Read that right now, before proceeding, if you haven't yet (it's under Recent Posts or Related Posts, or back on the homepage). Clearly, folks at Town Hall did not or they might have been more circumspect at the sinkhole ribbon cutting ceremony.

Just hours after our article, hyperbole reigns at the ceremony; the East Bay Times reported the following:

Councilmember Trotter says the sinkhole “is a wake-up call regarding the need to develop a dedicated funding source to fix our storm drain infrastructure and to prevent future sinkholes from happening.”

Town Manager Priebe states “What saved us from a really catastrophic event and probably loss of life was the hole was so filled with water and it was raining.”

Town Engineer Kwan, who oversaw the 20-month-long project, stated “These are indicators our storm drain system is at the end of its life.” We debunked that myth in the FUD article; the fact check didn't check out.

We'll report on other, continuing FUD activities as they arise. Hopefully we won't run out of ink.

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