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You’re Invited: SMARTzoom Town Hall with Mayor & Vice Mayor

SMARTMoraga Town Hall Registration Link

[You need to register for this event - see link below]

We’ve been invited to have a SMARTMoraga Zoom town hall with Mayor Mike McCluer and Vice Mayor Steve Woehleke on March 30 at 7pm.

This is a great opportunity for SMARTMoragans to participate, ask questions and share their thoughts on Moraga's present and future as it relates to governance, management, critical initiatives, financial planning & responsibility

and any other items falling under the SMART umbrella.

The town's objective is to deepen their engagement of residents by sharing their 2021 goals and listening to issues, concerns and opportunities from key citizen groups. They believe this will create a mutually beneficial, two-way conversation and provide increased insights, understanding and possible new ideas and priorities.

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