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Analysis: $160,000/year Tax Burden on Schools, Churches, Small Business

Schools, churches and small businesses will endure $160,000/year in new taxes, forever, under the town's storm drain tax plan.


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We've reported that Moraga's public schools will be taxed $37,000/year under the town's proposed storm drain tax (which the town has attempted to keep under wraps, as detailed in this article)

SMC faces a $40,000/year tax according to town records. The cost to private schools and preschools (primarily via passthroughs by landlords) hasn't been determined and is likely in the $5,000/year range.

Local churches, non-profit schools and preschools face approximately $12,500 in annual levies.

It's no secret that many smaller Moraga merchants struggle to survive, leaving residents with few viable shopping, dining and entertainment alternatives. These small businesses will face new taxes exceeding $70,000 under the terms of their commercial leases.

All in, these groups will shoulder 20% of the proposed annual tax burden. Schools and nonprofits, in particular, would be exempt had the town not consciously chosen its special, off-cycle ballot initiative and instead used a "normal" tax or fee initiative on the regular ballots in June or November.


Town of Moraga

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Contra Costa County Assessor

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