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Town Has Known for Weeks: Moraga Schools Tax Liability $37,000/year Under Storm Drain Tax

The town has known since early February that Moraga's public schools will be subject to $37,000 in taxes under the proposed storm drain tax / fee.

Nonetheless, they persist in minimizing the number by ignoring Campolindo entirely and providing imprecise ranges reflecting barely more than half the liability when asked publicly.

The email below demonstrates that the entire council (along with the Town Manager and Director of Public Works) have been fully aware that the impact is nearly $37,000 on public schools.

In council meetings and public "information" sessions from mid-February through mid-March, when pressed on the impact to public schools, Mayor Trotter consistently references only the Moraga School district and continues to socialize the tax impact as a range of "$19k to $21k".

If pressed further regarding Campolindo, the answers have varied from claiming they don't yet know or similarly minimizing the impact through a range, or subsequently dismissing it as a small percentage of MEF or the Moraga/Acalanes district budgets.

Very little complete and accurate information comes forth from Town Hall as of late. Why?

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